Card Seriespurple pork sportlunch scoutunfortunate urgeno shit.lobotomy. indoors.Guitar/Banjogivingthe pay offI'm only here for the food 1.I'm only here for the food 2.big benbirthday boy heart attackBig DreamsOKbusiness card designCharlottemind, body and stomachdouble timeHookedGoose and FishNightmare with SlugThis about sums up the pheasantWhat I expected of the midge Times Is ToughBackstagin' it!Why Not?lobstahFeel 1Feel 2There Goes FaithVampireInside with the WoodpeckerStrange Nocturnal BehaviorWORKSome People Got PastaE for Every Goddamned DayC for CalmBeing Here NowFeedingDoc FixitThoughts on the WeatherThe Walktaking care of number oneBanjo BandMusic MouthBanjo/FiddleBanjo PlanetFolk LadyOne Man Bluegrass BandSheriffTwo Step
2007 - present.
A sample of my more recent illustrations. Mostly in color.