bright stickerInternationalHot Seats:LiveHot Seats:Live (back)Cheesy Beef Boogie Lyric SheetThe Hot Seats ep (front cover)The Hot Seats ep (back)Hot Seats ep record labels(a and b sides)Weezie's posterMusic Breakfast coverFeel album coverFeel (back)Feel (inside)Hot Seats SeppukuHot Dog Angler Seats Sticker Designhot seats. boat. seats ladyLuLu's Posterwill be playingGround Beef Patrol album coverLand of ManZombie Stringband 1Zombie Stringband 2SEATS logoSEATS t-shirt (front)Special Ed and the Shortbus T Shirt (back)Deadly!Early Shortbus flyerSpecial TedJellyfishevery WednesdayBogartsShortbus 666 flyerCary St. CafetoilethandsDBKTEDeath By Ham Sandwich Poster
The Hot Seats
A sample of artwork made for my band. Mostly Hot Seats album covers and sticker designs, but I have thrown in some flyers dating back to the band's beginnings in 2002, when we were known as Special Ed and the Shortbus.